Un­em­ploy­ment rate

The unemployment rate measures the share of the workforce that is seeking work in a given month.

It is a recognised indicator for measuring the unemployment situation. The indicator specifically shows the proportion of people in the total civilian workforce.

The civilian workforce consists of employed and job-seeking persons that are either temporarily unemployed – or employed in a job in which they work less than 15 hours per week – and are looking for a job and have registered with the Federal Employment Agency. Persons are at least 15 years old and have not yet reached retirement age.

Unemployed persons are individuals who are temporarily out of work or employed in a job in which they work less than 15 hours per week. They are looking for a job subject to social insurance contributions that has a working time of at least 15 hours per week, are available for job placements organised by the Federal Employment Agency and are registered as unemployed with the same.

Jobseekers are defined as people who are looking for employment – even if they are already in work or are self-employed.

Average annual unemployment rate
Regional distribution of unemployment by county 2005 and 2017
Long-term unemployment
Youth unemployment
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