Peo­ple’s trust in lo­cal polic­ing

This indicator measures people's trust in local policing.

The data source is the German Victimisation Survey 2017 (Deutscher Viktimisierungssurvey 2017). Today, this is the largest representative survey of the national security situation in Germany. Around 31,000 people were surveyed about their experiences as victims of crime and their sense of security. The survey included questions such as: “How effective is your local police in working to fight crime?” Survey participants were also asked about how they perceived the distributive and procedural fairness of the police. This includes issues such as whether the police treat rich and poor equally and how often the police use greater force than would be legally or situationally appropriate.

In order to improve our understanding of people's confidence in state institutions, the 2017 survey collected data on confidence in the justice system.

Overall assessment of local policing 2017
Assessment of local policing 2017
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