Global and na­tional green­house gas emis­sions

This indicator measures global and national greenhouse gas emissions and records changes in the area of climate protection.

Greenhouse gases include CO2, methane and nitrous oxide. They are produced by burning coal, oil and gas, and also through deforestation, agriculture and other emissions such as refrigerants in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are given in CO2-equivalents (CO2eq), which are then calculated using the IPCC's AR4 standard in accordance with their potential to create global warming. Global emissions data is based on a number of estimates and projections for each country and emission source, coordinated by the EU's Joint Research Centre. In Germany the data source is the Federal Environmental Agency (Umweltbundesamt).

Annual global greenhouse gas emissions in billions of tonnes of CO2eq
Annual global CO2 emissions in billions of tonnes
Annual greenhouse gas emissions in Germany in millions of tonnes of CO2eq
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