About the government report

The Government Report on Wellbeing in Germany describes wellbeing by means of 12 dimensions and 46 indicators. The dimensions and indicators were selected based on the results of a six-month-long national dialogue with citizens. The federal government has also taken into account research on wellbeing as well as major national and international initiatives such as the German Bundestag's Enquete Commission on growth, prosperity and wellbeing.

The Documentation: Government Strategy on Wellbeing gives background information on the strategy. More specifically, on the national dialogue process and the results of the scientific analysis of the dialogue. It describes how the results of the national dialogue informed the report on wellbeing and the selection of indicators.

The Essays on Wellbeing by the Members of the Scientific Advisory Board provides expert views on issues of wellbeing, the engagement of citizens in dialogue processes and social indicator research. The contributions highlight the long tradition of the empirical monitoring of wellbeing in Germany and the complexities involved in understanding and measuring wellbeing.

The Scientific Report of the National Citizens’ Dialogue provides more detailed results of the dialogue process. It is only available in German.

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